Camp Bangup.   Reserve now for Summer 2017!

1 hour North of Boston [map]

A Rustic Summer Cabin for Families and Friends.
Right on Island Pond in Hampstead, New Hampshire

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Camp Bangup is a 100+ year old quiet summer getaway spot in the tiny town of Hampstead, in southern New Hampshire.

Legend is that in 1902, Charles H. Grover bought the spot on Island Pond (the little side) from his uncle and hauled a small house all the way from Haverhill, Massachusetts, ten miles away.

A hundred years later, the original house has been added to and another cabin just up the hill bought. Now, it's an idyllic setting for families and friends to gather and enjoy.

Situated right on the shore, two cabins overlook the western horizon where every evening the sun makes a dramatic exit. Lying on the raft staring up into the night sky you can see thousands of stars. Days are filled with swimming, boating and other adventures such as lying in a hammock and reading a book.

Here are some pictures:

The Lakeside cabin overlooks Island Pond and sleeps 4. The taller section was moved from nearby Haverhill, MA in 1902.

Just up the hill, the Family cabin also sleeps 4. Sitting on the screened in front porch, you can see the lake while you enjoy the quiet breeze.

Classic summer cabin sleeping. The sleeping porch in the Upper cabin.

Modern amenities (in 1942) in the Upper cabin.

A peaceful afternoon in the grove. A perfect place for an evening picnic.

Swimming out to the raft.

The view from the hammock.

The tree lined shore.

A sunset on Island Pond

Perfect for Power Napping (upper cabin).

The Woods and Lake as seen from the upper cabin.

More Woods.

More swimming

Rental Information

Reservations: Available to new renters for a limited number of weeks per year.

Rental rates on the cabins start at $800 per week + NH Bed and Board Tax (9.5%).


Some people can't get out of the water.  (Emily....) Kids love to pose for photos. Look, someone's swimming! I think I'll go swimming, too.

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Background image: the view from the shore